From 1995-2005, I was a co-host and co-producer on a radio show called ‘Marty & Avrum: The Food Guys’. The show was on Talk 640, CFRB and CHFI for a total of ten years. The experience was awesome.

Marty Galin was my partner and together we interviewed well over a thousand guests including chefs, restauranteurs, serving staff, guests and anyone else who might have played a role in eateries, restaurants, hotels, food outlets etc. It was a pleasure and an honor to play a role in this show and to meet some world-renowned folk who joined us, such as Chefs Michael Standlander, Massimo Capra and singer/songwriters such as: Harry Belafonte, Michel Bublé, Jeff Healey and more.

It’s About Connecting with the Person on a Meaningful Level

The thing was, the show had a bouncing, almost speedy pace to it which did not allow for really intense schmoozing, discussions, something I truly enjoy doing and am passionate about. Marty Galin, who booked the guests would ensure we had two per hour, plus a live musical guest every single week. While we covered a ton of ground and truly got to know the restaurant and food industry, I always felt a certain void, one that eventually gnawed at me. After careful consideration I realized I wanted to get to know the people we were interviewing on a much deeper level.

I wanted to understand the motivation behind an accomplished sous chef and how it was he/she could maintain a crazy schedule, often crammed into a small space, steaming with vegetables and sizzling with steaks for examples. I was compelled to understand what about food drove that person to become a chef and spend most of his/her time in an environment that is basically nuts and so intense ‘regular folk’ could not, or should not, enter. I had this unstoppable drive to communicate in-depth with man, woman or young person, and sometimes a child (like the daughter of a dishwasher).

But it did not happen. The format remained the same and our interviews lasted a few minutes, dramatically short of a place I wanted to go to.

Home to Magical in-depth Interviews with Regular Folk, Stars and Up-and-comings

Further, I am uber curious about my neighbor – not the one who lives next to me (although she as well), but those who walk the street of our fair city and otherwise. I am curious about the cashier at the discount supermarket and what he thinks about people coming through her line with sweets galore, and lots of packaged meats? How does he push himself to do her work? Is it interesting to him or a challenge to do what seems to be repetitive?

I want to know about the elderly lady whose entire family has passed on and how she views the world. In fact, one of my first interviews on HatRadio! was with Kitty ‘Leah’ Cohen, who was 106 years old when we schmoozed. Two weeks after we talked, she passed away. However, I had the honor to ask her questions about her life which dealt with her years, the dramatic change in society and inventions and even her thoughts on sexuality. For about an hour and a half Kitty and I spoke, and every minute of that interview shined like a gem. I couldn’t believe then, and I can’t now, I had an octogenarian++ in my home, someone who had walked our earth almost at the turn of the last century. When she told me longevity is not predicated on lots of sex, as someone purported, I chuckled. But I laughed heartily when dear Kitty said, “but have as much sex as you can, while you can, because you won’t always.” I then asked her if she would still date. She responded, “yes”, and would date someone as young as sixty years old. I just loved that.

HatRadio! Podcast | An Honest and Earthy Midnight Talk Amongst Friends Around a Bonfire

So why did I launch HatRadio!? I did, because I wanted to get to know people on the air, in an intimate manner, and discover some of the secrets of humankind, the incentives to move forward and not get stuck in the old, what lies at the very core of our soul in regards to our dreams and our hopes, and how we all feel about love, hate, fear, confidence, disappointment etc. etc. etc. I wanted to interview people in length to get to know them, so that I too, could get to know myself better and perhaps make this world a better place through this process.

And it is for that reason HatRadio!’s tagline is, ‘The show that schmoozes’. What better way of achieving all of this than sitting around a table and just talking, then talking some more, and then adding a few more insights on top of that. And so far…….it seems to be working!

About HatRadio! Podcast | The Show that Schmoozes

The HatRadio! podcast was created by Avrum Rosensweig. Avrum spent over a decade on commercial radio including Toronto’s CFRB and Talk 640 co-producing and co-hosting quirky and delightful food and restaurants shows with Hollywood stars and singers like Michael Bublé, prolific chefs, restauranteurs, servers and of course foodies from all over the world. He is also the founder of Ve’ahavata, Canada’s only Jewish humanitarian organization, a writer and a dad.

HatRadio!’s Tagline is “The show that schmoozes”. Avrum’s intention through this new and refreshing podcast is to create an environment that reflects an honest and earthy midnight talk amongst friends around a bonfire where ideas and feelings flow freely and the participants have many honest and often courageous “Uhu” moments. Avrum is hoping these interviews will reflect positive human behaviour and inspire many to pursue greater goodness and kindness.

If you have any suggestions on people you feel should be interviewed or would simply like to get in touch with Avrum, please contact him at this link.