Over time I have become aware there are very gentle, loving souls in our world whose capacity to care and to help is huge, greater than most. They are the ones we can emulate, not necessarily match. They are our role models.

My parents of blessed memory were like that.

Alexa Gilmour, our guest for this episode is like that.

Alexa is the one who became a minister after a vision quest, in place of a successful acting career. She is the leader who successfully encouraged her church to hide a Roma family, Dad, Mom and 6-year old child, and give them sanctuary when other churches said no.  Alexa is the woman who adopted 3 children, siblings, with her husband as part of their life-long plan.

Alexa is the real deal.

Please listen and let us know what you think. Comment. Share the link There is much to learn from Alexa Gilmour about kindness and love. And you can only do that if you listen.