She was 106 when I interviewed Kitty RIP. Her full name was Kitty “Leah” Cohen and she practiced Yoga regularly. Kitty played the bongo drums and she said she would have loved to date a good man, and would have gone as low as 60 years-old. I loved that about her.

I was blown away by my interview with Kitty and deeply honored to speak with her as I had never met anyone her age, and few people as delightful as she is!

Kitty was a very vibrant woman with a twinkle in her eye. She was constantly strengthening herself to become a better person and hoped to live for many more years. This centarian-plus used to bemoan those in her senior home who hung their head in despair and depression. Kitty told me she was the exact opposite and couldn’t wait to approach every day with song and dance and the chance to learn new things about our planet and her life.

Some might describe Kitty Cohen’s longevity as a miracle. Others may state her length of days was an anomaly. Either way, here is our schmooze, the last one of length with Kitty. I will never forget our brilliant time together and hope that this interview acts as sort of a legacy for her life.

Just as we are mesmerized by the purity and the clear canvass of a new born, so too will you be fascinated by the wisdom, experiences and shear positivity of a 106 year-old – Kitty “Leah” Cohen.

You know, I’m certain there must be a blessing to say upon meeting a woman like Kitty! I’m saying one now. Rest in peace dear woman, and as David Nefesh wrote (the man who wrote the Hatradio! song) ‘thank you for coming our way’!