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Episode 54 – Robyn Tousson-Segall: Gratitude Defined

We all try so incredibly hard to construct a meaningful life with love, health and happiness. Robyn Tousson, my guest on HatRadio!, episode 54, personifies that pursuit in a highly successful way. This articulate and compassionate woman, with a soothing voice, is married to a spirited man. They have grappled with their different approaches to

February 10th, 2020|Podcast|0 Comments

Episode 53 – Brian Prousky: The Spirited, Creative Man Running Jewish Family & Child Service

It's a big deal to be the executive director of the Jewish Family & Child Service (JF&CS) in Toronto. It is because JF&CS is the most important organization in the Jewish community, more important than the kashruth (kosher), cemetery, or the fundraising office. JF&CS has thirty-three programs all of which are crucial toward assisting the

January 24th, 2020|Podcast|0 Comments

Episode 51 – Adi Berkovits: A Son Creates A Musical Honoring his Father, a Survivor of Auschwitz

Episode 51 of Hatradio! is with Adi Berkovits, a son honoring his father, Eduard, through the creation and eventual performance of an original musical - THE JOURNEY HOME. Adi, a musician and songwriter (and the brother of Lou Berkovits, my first guest on HatRadio!) tells us about the deeply inspiring story of his sixteen year

January 11th, 2020|Podcast|0 Comments

Episode 50 – David Shore: Humility within the Creator/Writer of ‘House’ and ‘The Good Doctor’

Welcome to the 50th episode of HatRadio! with special guest, David Shore, the creator/writer of the shows: House and The Good Doctor. We start things off with a 26-minute monologue reviewing highlights of HatRadio!'s first year, as well as some encouragement about strengthening our world, and fighting Antisemitism and racism, through positive and complimentary actions

December 30th, 2019|Podcast|0 Comments

Episode 49 – Rabbi Hecht: Helping Thinkers Find a Home!

Welcome to Episode 49 of HatRadio! with our special guest, Rabbi Benjamin Hecht of nishma.org. Benjy is a brilliant Torah scholar, and my brother-in-law. He has helped me and thousands of others with our existential struggles. In a world of 'I'm right, you're wrong and therefore you'll go to hell', Rabbi Hecht's appreciation of a

December 20th, 2019|Podcast|0 Comments

Episode 48 – Randall Craig Wrote a Musical from his Hospital Bed. Life! L’chaim!

Randall Craig was diagnosed with the ‘bad’ type of leukemia.  His friends moved a digital piano into his room... and so he started writing a musical - a modern take on the story of Esther. The first song Randall wrote was in his hospital bed right after chemo. His message is, ‘we can all be an Esther’ - courageous with the ability to change the world.  His mind is sharp. He is incredibly excited about

December 17th, 2019|Podcast|0 Comments

Episode 47 – Michael Rubin: A Touching Schmooze with a Soulful Spiritual Director of a Synagogue

We walk through life concentrating on our own stuff. That's inevitable. Then, one day, we see the person next to us, really see them, and realize their life is as significant as ours’s, that an inherent balance exists between us, which translates into equality of all peoples. When I schmoozed with Michael Rubin on Segment 47 of HatRadio! I was able to see

December 17th, 2019|Podcast|0 Comments

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