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Corona Radio 6 – Kim Smiley: The Queen of Empathy

I decided to change my format when the Carona virus began visiting us. I figured its wiser to go to 1/2 hour and hopefully bring a succinct calming voice to HatRadio! listeners. I therefore launched Carona Radio highliting acts of kindness. I'm bringing on guests who are empathetic in nature, positive, and hopeful, one of

March 27th, 2020|Podcast|0 Comments

Corona Radio 5: Ron Maclean of Hockey Night in Canada Talks Philosophically About Life and the Corona Virus.

In this episode of Corona Radio, Ron Maclean of Hockey Night in Canada talks prosaically and philosophically about the struggles of living through this Corona Virus era. He grapples with how to work through our personal challenges vs. communal challenges. He alludes to Don Cherry, his lost friendship, and NHL superstars, in responding to questions

March 23rd, 2020|Podcast|0 Comments

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