Randall Craig was diagnosed with the ‘bad’ type of leukemia.  His friends moved a digital piano into his room… and so he started writing a musical – a modern take on the story of Esther. The first song Randall wrote was in his hospital bed right after chemo. His message is, ‘we can all be an Esther’ – courageous with the ability to change the world.  His mind is sharp. He is incredibly excited about life with an inimitable spirit; the type God or man cannot keep down. Listen for the ‘Peanut butter’ story. He wakes up every day and with gusto says, “oh, another great day!”. He can’t wait to live it. This is a very sweet and inspiring interview. Have a listen. HatRadio! The show that schmoozes.


Thank you so much to Howard for his post-production work. I’m grateful. He has helped the podcast a lot since its inception and we have such a good time on Thursday nights during post-production. A pat on the back to my buddy, David Nefesh for the HatRadio! song. What better person to ask to write and perform it then David, my friend since we’re 8 years old? I’m also appreciative to Stephanie Kazdan for the HatRadio! poster and IrisMedia, in particular, Jimmy for being so supportive of my objective to bring positive podcasting to our world. Thank you folks!! Life is a community.

Credit for music in commercial:
“Slow Burn” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0