Can you say which of the decades in your life was the most fun? Is that possible?

From 1995 – 2005, Marty Galin and I, were partners on radio and television, and there is no doubt that those ten years were an absolute blast and indeed, the funnest of my life! Have a listen to this podcast and you’ll here all about those special years and our time together, including five years on Talk 640, five years on CFRB and the TV shows we did together like The Movable Feast.

My dear, best friend Marty, is one of the most exciting, vivacious, spirited and animitated people on planet earth. I had the luck, or as we say in Hebrew, the mazel, of meeting him at Julius Ciss’s (now there’s another crazy story), Passover Seder in 1985 and we hit it off immediately. Not only did Marty introduce me to the world of entertainment, he showed me a different way of life, a downtown sort of way (versus my Jewish uptown lifestyle). I absolutely owe him huge amounts of gratitude for all of this and more, and I said so on this Hatradio! podcast.

Tune into our one and a half hours together, Episode 15 on Hatradio!, and learn about our friendship. Discover our interviews with such greats as chefs: Marc Thuet (Centro RIP), Mark McEwan (North 44, RIP), Michael Stadlander (Eigensinn Farm) as well as our live musical guests like: Michael Buble, Jose Feliciano (whom we sang ‘Light my Fire’ with) and Harry Belafonte.

Listen and hear about our many, many interviews with local cookswaiters and waitressesrestaurateurssommeliers, Ontario and international vineyard owners, fire-fighters who cook, little Jewish ladies who made us a sabbath on our show, The Movable Feast and more.

I love my beautiful friend, Marty and am grateful for what he has done for me. I was excited to do this schmooze/interview with him and felt like I was presenting him with a gift in response to the legacy he has helped me build.