We all try so incredibly hard to construct a meaningful life with love, health and happiness. Robyn Tousson, my guest on HatRadio!, episode 54, personifies that pursuit in a highly successful way. This articulate and compassionate woman, with a soothing voice, is married to a spirited man. They have grappled with their different approaches to a religious lifestyle, but ultimately made it work in a powerful way. The couple shares three beautiful children, who are insightful and empathetic. Robyn is a well-respected yoga teacher with a waiting list. Her classes are thematic, based on love, caring and empathy. She has worked at Ve’ahavta, a Jewish humanitarian organization, for the last 16 years helping the homeless and the impoverished. Mostly, Robyn is full of gratitude for her blessings. A lot of gratitude! That is really what this show is all about – gratitude coming from a very special soul! Have a listen. HatRadio! A show just about a Jewish guy trying like hell, to figure out through others, the human experience.