“Unless I go to your house, and you come to mine we will not truly get too know one another”. – Vicky Weiss

bowl of soup might just be a thing to slurp for some, but to others it’s a warm broth that acts as a tool for caring and reaching out to others. Vicky Weiss, born in Ottawa, a mom of 2 and a very serious foodie, is one of those people who knows how to make, manage and present a bowl of soup with finesse to help family and friends afflicted by loneliness, colds, or regular hunger. Soup to Vicky is a way of forging relationships, and strengthening the world.

Vicky is my feisty, beautiful friend whose dad owned a sporting store when she was kid, and and whose mom owned a lingerie store (and that should be enough for a good interview). She is generous of spirit in an uncomplicated and straight forward way. Her heightened level of giving is a talent Vicky developed after becoming a religious Jew (for love and marriage) and joining the Or Chaim Yeshiva community, modern Orthodox Jewish folk.

Vicky was a recipient of their caring following the birth of her son who had a physical challenge, such as home visits by a few doctors from the yeshiva, other moms with hordes of food and dads and families with offers for assistance in any way she needed.

To this day she attributes her heightened level of giving to Or Chaim even though she ultimately gave up “Frum” (religious) Judaism. The marriage had a shelf life of two decades.

Vicky Weiss is a crazy, frickin foodie, not the regular type who celebrates a pink sirloin steak, but more-so a person who will posts all over social media her recent dinner of cabbage steak and portobello mushroom burger.

Similarly, unlike most who adore cheese Vicky has actually taken many cheese classes because of her appreciation of its “flavours, the gooeyness and its stickiness”. She adored stinky blue cheese.

While she hasn’t had cheese in a year because of her conversion to veganism she misses it greatly and can still taste it in her brain. Vicky loves colourful food like cumquats and appreciates artistic serviettes. She had a serviette collection.

There is no doubt food is a way of forming friendships, a way of saying thank you, a way of being kind to someone who is sick, Vicky says.

Listen to episode 14 with Vicky Weiss, an extraordinarily kind sort, who comes from romantic and adventuresome parents who imparted to their daughter the tastes of Eden and the joys of life.