‘Having and Losing a Soulmate’ is my first interview on Hat Radio. It is our maiden podcast voyage! Thank you for joining us.

This story is so beautiful, and told by my dear friend, Lou Berkovitz. In essence, it is a raw and candid discussion with a man who found his soul mate, Renee Roth, and was blessed to spend ten years together with her, until a very grey day when this passionate, kind and stunning woman died of lung cancer.

I wanted to do my first interview with Lou because he is articulate as a radio-man himself and therefore able and willing to share well with others the intimacies of the greatest love affair of his life time. His personal story as a paramedic, a casino developer and today as yoga teacher and an ambassador of Lululemon, is also compelling and reflects this 60-year old man’s drive to grow and live life to its utmost.

For one singular decade he did so with the love of his life, the apple of his eye – Renee Roth!

in ‘Having and Losing a Soulmate‘ you will also be privy to Lou and Renee’s first date; the time Lou leaned Renee up against the fridge and said unabashedly for the first time, “I love you”. You will listen to Lou’s fascination with his wife’s hand’s which he stated were, “tiny and delicate….thoughtful, with a sense of kindness that always came through them.” You’ll hear Lou and Renee’s romantic love affair, complete with giggles and a whole lot of fun, a passion for adventure and predicated on trust and real, genuine love.

Lou and Renee were of one soul. They had a deep and meaningful relationship, the kind most of us would want. I enjoyed watching them together. I appreciated that Lou agreed to speak to me about it and I am forever grateful for his openness and what he brings to this new podcast – Hat Radio. After doing the interview I wasn’t sure if I should celebrate to its fullest what Lou and Renee had for a blip in time, or mourn what they lost – a soulmate. In the end, I did both.