We walk through life concentrating on our own stuff. That’s inevitable. Then, one day, we see the person next to us, really see them, and realize their life is as significant as ours’s, that an inherent balance exists between us, which translates into equality of all peoples.

When I schmoozed with Michael Rubin on Segment 47 of HatRadio! I was able to see that life-parallelism or sorts. Why? Well because Michael – the Spiritual Director at Beth David Synagogue, once a field-educator (tour guide) in Israel and a hockey player and coach for one of Israel’s nation team, a dad and husband – talked about these chapters in his life with great humility and modesty, I felt compelled to tuck my ego away and embrace his beautiful spirit. And I did. And he moved me. Listen to Michael talk about visiting Israel for the first time, kneeling on the tarmac and kissing the ground. Hear his insight into the trope (Torah notes), as sounds that reflect significant instances in the 5-books of Moses. Michael loves the dessert and sees no need to meditate there, because it is ‘a meditative environment’. My guest is an inspiring man. He is an appreciative man.  Listen and see him, and then perhaps, you’ll really see the person walking next to you. HatRadio! The show that schmoozes.

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