The Corona Virus. It’s a thorny time isn’t it? The thing is, the entire planet, every single person in our world, is in this together. Our fears, nervousness, impatience sadness and hope are all pretty much the same. So, I produced a half hour show show called CARONA RADIO to speak to these times and hopefully share a calming voice. I offer ways and means of finding peace from within through book and poetry choices. During the show I suggest you reach out to others telephonically, through social media and in particular through KINDNESS. Ya, kindness. It’s a big deal. There is a lot of it going around. In fact, I believe the level of KINDNESS will outdo the level of havoc the Corona Virus will be responsible for. So have a listen to the show. Let me know what you’d like to hear in future CARONA RADIO shows. You can reach me on (Avrum Rosensweig or HatRadio!) Facebook or . Refuah Shlaimah (get better soon) to the world. Humankind is brilliant. Remember that. We’ll figure this out. It’ll be good.


Corona Radio is sponsored by: dishSwear-Personalized Giftware & Apparel, , the company’s FB page – . Please remember the S in the middle. I recommend their products. I am grateful to the company’s owner, Stephanie, for her creative work on the Corona Radio and HatRadio! posters. Thank you! Great job!

Yasha Ko’ach to, to Howard Pasternack for his post-production work on Corona Radio and to David Nefesh for the HatRadio! song. I require a team in life, and thank God, I have a good one here. Way to go kids!