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Podcast | HatRadio! - Part 5


17 12, 2019

Episode 26 – Aaron Lightstone: His Metronome is a Dying Person’s Heart


(This show includes live, moving, beautiful music. Be inspired. Have a listen. Share it!) Welcome to Episode 26 with Aaron Lightstone. For some reason I am feeling an overwhelming sense of joy and awe because of this schmooze. These feelings started when I booked Aaron, a friend of twenty years, to do the show, and were strong throughout the interview and afterward. I believe the reason my response is so powerful is because..... Aaron Lightstone is mostly a music therapist at heart. For about 50 minutes of this 80 minute episode, Aaron talks about playing music for people who are dying. Think about that. A person is leaving this earth and their loved ones asks a man who is well-trained as a therapist, is highly proficient on the guitar and who can sing, to join the most private inner sanctums a family can create where the soul of a family member is slowly escaping them and beginning to rise toward the heavens. And Aaron does join them. And he is entirely present through his music, throughout the divine journey starting on earth, that man/woman are taking. What an honor. While in the room, Aaron plays music the individual loves. He tells us in this interview, how he listens for the dying

Episode 26 – Aaron Lightstone: His Metronome is a Dying Person’s Heart2019-12-17T15:21:38+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 25: Greg Rogers: Brash, Compassionate…a Man with a Walrus Penis Collection


Greg Rogers is from Fredericton, New Brunswick. He has an accent from Eastern Canada. He stands about 6 feet and has longish white hair with wicked sideburns. The thing about Greg is, he's as brash and straightforward as you want people to be with no qualms about calling anyone out, especially himself. My old friend, 62 years old, who helped me when Ve'ahavta was established as the executive director of Na Me Res (Native Men's Residence), told me in the interview about his walrus penis collection. He told me the first term he learned in Inuktituk which directed as his wife to be, "pull down your pants".  He told me a story of a 'zaidy' (Yiddish for grandfather), whose family lived in his building out east, who used to take all the kids in the neighborhood out in his Cadillac on Sunday. And Greg said, one day something went wrong in the house and he (Greg) called the Zaidy, 'you dirty Jew'.  He said, "that's how i thanked him for taking us out. I'm ashamed of myself."  The man does not follow convention when it comes to schmoozing. He says what's on his mind, exactly in the way he hears stuff in his head. That is refreshing because so many of us are just so full of shit and believe

Episode 25: Greg Rogers: Brash, Compassionate…a Man with a Walrus Penis Collection2019-12-17T15:18:56+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 24: Avrum Rosensweig, Just Me!


THIS EPISODE IS IN MEMORY OF OUR CHILDREN WHO DIED OF HIV/AIDS IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA, OR WHO BECAME ORPHANS BECAUSE OF IT. IT IS IN MEMORY OF OUR NEIGHBORS, WHO LIVED ON THE STREETS OF OUR TOWN AND DIED THERE THIS PAST WINTER. REST IN PEACE. THANK YOU FOR COMING OUR WAY!  Episode 24 of Hatradio! is a first of its kind. It is a 1-man show, Just me!. I quite enjoyed doing this segment. I enjoyed it because it gave me the chance to talk and hear my own history and how tikun olam (repairing the world) was so prevalent and a lead up to the creation of Ve'ahavta. Doing this show was therapeutic. It allowed revisit my past and 'hang out' with my zaidies and boobies (grandfathers and grandmothers). I adored telling the story of my mother, Gitel, walking through Queens Park with her father on Shabbat, seeing that image in my head....the squirrelsrunning past them, the two of them sitting on a bench giggling and telling stories about the old country. I loved talking about my father, Shragah Phyvle, and his two brothers, all of whom were community builders, and cared deeply about the Jewish people and Israel. I think when you hear about my family, their journey from Easter Europe and the solid lives they made in the West, you might

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17 12, 2019

Episode 23: Massimo Capra: A Joyous Culinary Superstar


Massimo Capra was thirteen, living in a small town in Italy, when he first started working in a kitchen. Today Massimo is fifty-nine and a superstar in the Canadian culinary industry. If you’re into restaurants, familiar with Prego, Mistura and good food, then you’ve heard of Massimo and/or delighted in his handy work - superlative food. But the real thing I've discovered about Massimo, over the years and through this interview, is that he is a decent man with a generous spirit. Indeed, Massimo does not reflect those silly stereotypes we frequently see of head chefs. In his words, "it's hard to bring out the ugly" in him. Massimo is the type of fellow you feel safe around. He laughs a lot even when we schmoozed about his near-death experience last year. He told us, the doctors said he may not live through the night, and Massimo laughed. (I didn't when I had my heart attacks). It's clear, humor is the walking stick he leans on unabashedly! And his thick Italian accent makes every sentence he utters seem so damn fun, tasty and scenic! Massimo is the son of a dairy farmer. They were "poor, poor, poor". So early on this highly talented man, learned about sharing. Massimo understood he'd have to work his ass off  to accomplish his dream of one day being a self-made man. Today he is. Massimo owns a successful restaurant in Clarkson, called Capra Kitchen and has three others licensed in his name: one

Episode 23: Massimo Capra: A Joyous Culinary Superstar2019-12-17T15:12:15+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 22: Nate Leipciger: Man is Basically Good.


Nate Leipciger sits across from me at my dining-room table. He is a young man of 91 years. He is a  Holocaust Survivor. It is moments like this when I feel most alive, most real, as I am joined by someone who has vast awareness, who is highly inspiring. Nate was eleven when his the hell called the Holocaust began. His personal road took him through ghettos, death camps and ultimately to Auschwitz. He was grabbed away from the safety he called home. He was stripped, de-loused and humiliated.  All of this persecution happened right next to his father, Jacob, the person in his life who was his protector – a partner with God in his creation, in his life. One day, early on in the Holocaust, young Nate heard a noise outside his barracks. He jumped up on a bed, stared out of a broken slat and saw a site, “I never wish I had seen”. Lines of Jewish woman walked by crying, screaming, knowing they were about “to go up the chimney”. Later Nate, a beautiful Jewish boy, determined his mother, Leah, and his sister, Blima were two of those women. The mother of this boy, and his only sibling were executed, murdered by the Nazis. And that was it.

Episode 22: Nate Leipciger: Man is Basically Good.2019-12-17T15:09:34+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 21: David Rheaume: Canada’s Norman Rockwell


David Rheaume, Canada's Norman Rockwell, is a big man. The bigness i'm talking about is found in this man's spirit.  My old friend, joined me at my place on May 21. 2019 to do an interview. It was lovely to see David as it had been a while. David and I were inextricably bound together for three years, way back in the days when I was doing a TV series with Marty called, 'The Moveable Feast'. Dave was the director. He did a brilliant job of keeping me and Marty on the straight and narrow (well sort of) and ensured we got a very quirky show in the can every week that was delivered on time. He was inspiring and creative then, and equally so nowadays. So, the thing about David Rheaume is that he has greatness in his blood. His dad was Gene Rheaume RIP, a member of parliament, one of Canada's only Metis member, and a man described by his kids, all six of them, as being larger than life. Watch this YouTube video and you'll get a sense of Dave's DNA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-tEGTe81II  . David's mom is a lovely woman who raised the kid with consistency and love. David's brother Ross, is also a superlative artist and was a well-known rock-and-roller. His niece, Amanda, is a Canadian singer/songwriter and Juno

Episode 21: David Rheaume: Canada’s Norman Rockwell2019-12-17T15:07:45+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 20: Dr. Sandy Buchman: A Deeply Caring Physician


You know when you meet someone who wrote a book when they were twelve-years old or competed in the Olympics at fifteen. You know that sense you get, they will just fly high with success throughout their life. Well Dr. Sandy Buchman is one such person. Sandy, our guest on episode 20 of Hatradio!, was born and educated in Toronto. He dropped out of high school at the end of grade 11 because “I was unhappy.....bored....”. So you’re thinking he went to work in a gas station. Wrong. He started his own school with other guys in his situation and it was accredited by the Ministry of Education. The school rocked. “I studied everything from calculus to Zen Buddism. For Shakespeare we hopped on our bikes and rode to Stratford to see it performed." Funnily, their school required an adult be the 'principal' so his buddy's dad was. "My grade 13 diploma was signed by him. He was a used car salesman." Sandy has always been like that, a creative independent thinker. Later on he wanted to get into medical school. The entrance interview at McMaster University. included the question, what have you done in life where you had a problem and you need to determine a solution. Sandy's

Episode 20: Dr. Sandy Buchman: A Deeply Caring Physician2019-12-17T15:06:35+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 19: Rabbi Korobkin: A Brave Orthodox Rabbi


Rabbi Daniel Korobkin was born in California. His father was an entertainment lawyer with clients such as the enormous metal band, Megadeth. Daniel's mother is a Survivor who at 6 years old was on the Kinder-transport. Daniel was a fine thinker then, and an even better one now. He loves nothing more than to develop complex ideas which he can impart to others, simplistically.   Daniel received his Master of Arts degree in medieval Jewish and Islamic thought from UCLA's Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, and his Master of Science degree from the Johns Hopkins UniversitySchool for Engineering at the Applied Physics Laboratory. About a decade ago Rabbi Korobkin came to Toronto to step into the position of rabbi at Beth Avraham Yoseph Synagogue - one of the largest Orthodox Shuls in North America. While it took awhile to learn his way around the very big edifice, and around the membership, he ultimately took the community by storm with his fierce passion for learning, teaching and caring for his congregants. What I really liked about schmoozing with Rabbi Korobkin was being with a man, a Jewish leader,who is courageous. He accepts the fact there are more than just Orthodox Jews within the Jewish family and in his own way he embraces them. He tells the Jewish man who is a homosexual and

Episode 19: Rabbi Korobkin: A Brave Orthodox Rabbi2019-12-17T15:04:40+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 18: Sadie Domb: My Son’s Bar Mitzvah Teacher


Somewhere, sometime, a young boy or girl sits together with their bar/bat mitzvah teacher learning the ancient art of singing the trope - the notes devised two thousand years ago to celebrate every syllable of the Torah. The ‘day of’ arrives – the Bar/Bat mitzvah day – and the thirteen year old boy, or the twelve year old girl walks up to the open scroll, the Five books of Moses, and begins to sing. Carefully they manage the revi’i, a note that modestly ends a Torah thought. They breathe deeply to chant the pazer, a noise that curls up, then goes higher, then dips half way back down. Today they are a man. Today they are a woman. Their meticulously read Torah reading proves this.  This week I had the distinct honor to interview Sadie Domb, a bar/bat mitzvah teacher, in fact my son’s bar mitzvah teacher. She is a delicate and very sure religious woman. Sadie carries herself as if a character in a Renoir painting - well coiffed, elegant and proud. Throughout our one and half hour schmooze I learned from Sadie that “I love what I do”. She repeated this sentiment several times. I knew it to be true because her voice rose and strengthened as she said so. She was intent. "I just love being part of

Episode 18: Sadie Domb: My Son’s Bar Mitzvah Teacher2019-12-17T15:03:26+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 17: Steve Paikin: “I Don’t Know what I’m Doing Here”


Once I’ve completed an interview with a guest, I listen to it over and over to determine how it  can best be edited to reflect superlative production value and content. Most of my schmoozes require some editing work, but this one, my interview with Steve Paikin of TVO's The Agenda, I left mostly intact. I did because Steve is as articulate as they come, a  storyteller par excellence who relays his colorful experience like few others. Editing this piece too much, I felt would detract from the value of our time together. I am uber-excited to share Episode 17 of Hatradio! with you because of this. Here, you have a unique opportunity to hear from Steve Paikin, a Canadian media-icon, and to learn about him, about Canada, Ontario, Hamilton, Toronto, Ontario Premiers and politicians, the Rwandan genocide, hockey, summer camp and a plethora of other stuff he generously shared with me. I stress 'unique' because Steve said he has never done an extensive interview before about himself. I felt good about that. So why did I title the show, “I Don’t Know what I’m Doing Here”?  Good question. Steve is a very accomplished fellow including the author of seven books, an on-air host of 25,000 shows and interviews as well as the producer of a number of documentaries. Yet, when he accepted

Episode 17: Steve Paikin: “I Don’t Know what I’m Doing Here”2019-12-17T15:02:10+00:00