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Podcast | HatRadio! - Part 4


17 12, 2019

Episode 36 – Michael Soberman: On Burying His Son’s Foreskin


Welcome to Episode 36 with Michael Soberman, a Jewish community leader, a serious camp guy, a lover of Israel and a supreme storyteller. This folks, is one fascinating schmooze! Michael is a riveting character. The volume of his speech is loud, his words pour out quickly with very few ums, he says he has an opinion about everything, and he craves being in the spotlight (but once there he performs very well).  Michael's very bright yet still does not view himself as an adult (neither do I. Do you?). Michael studied law and teaching, but never really practiced either much to the chagrin of his parents. We all know guys like that, right? Our time together was enlightening and exciting. Here are some of the highlights: 1) At the 30:00 minutes mark, Michael states categorically his biggest fear was being a parent of kids who didn't like camp. Happily, that is not the case. His two kids love Camp Kadimah just as Michael does. At 30:55 Michael quotes the sociologist, Erving Goffman, who says camp represents the ultimate dependent independence. Campers enjoy a sense of freedom for being on their own, but the environment is a secure one. He explains how camp is an immersive environment as reflected through four categories: a) there is one central control; b) it's a communal setting; c) camp has a tight schedule; d) everyone is there for a common purpose. Interestingly, Goffman uses these same categories for jail. Michael talks about his camp buddies like Little Bubbs, Curly,

Episode 36 – Michael Soberman: On Burying His Son’s Foreskin2019-12-17T16:46:41+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 35 – Robert Pal: Triumphing over Adversity. On Becoming an ADHD Coach


Episode 35 of HatRadio! features Robert Pal, an ADHD Coach as my guest. Robert is generously giving away his online course - taking charge of your ADHD - for FREE, simply for listening to this show. You can secure the course until the end of September and then study it when ever you like. To get the course go to his website - robertpal.com and click 'online course' at the top of the homepage.  Once you've done that the site will walk you through the rest. At some point you'll be asked for a coupon number to receive it for free. Input 90219 and you're ready to go. Thanks Robert. Good luck to all! _____________________________________________________________________________ No doubt, you've been faced by an overwhelming challenge in life, one you weren't sure you'd prevail over. Well, Robert Pal was you at the turn of the millennium and he looked fear, financial destruction, and defeat straight in the eye. It was an iffy time.  In episode 35 of HatRadio! at the 1:00:21 mark, you'll hear Robert's story about a substantial jewelry business he had built, which allowed for a beautiful life with his family, and a very decent living. Then one lovely day, Revenue Canada (called that at the time) arrived at his company's doorstep. They challenged Robert on

Episode 35 – Robert Pal: Triumphing over Adversity. On Becoming an ADHD Coach2019-12-17T16:45:09+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 34 – Christian Pritchard: A British-Canadian-Italian Joyful Chef and Human Being


While I was doing the interview with Christian Pritchard, I heard a lot of what he said. I also missed some it. Why? Because I was thinking about the next question. That is an occupational hazard of any interviewer, something we look to correct. But following the actual interview itself, I listened to the show in its entirety to determine what i should edit out. It was then I heard Christian clearly on HatRadio!, and the frequent gems he espoused on HatRadio! It was then I embraced my guest fully and appreciated him to the fullest. So what did I hear? I heard that Christian is seriously committed to life, love, his family, cooking, music and his other passions. He is a man,with boyish tendencies. He therefore spoke in  mature terms, except when he didn't. It was then the high volume of his 47 year-old voice increased and he essentially roled around in that proverbial playground, acting and talking silly, the way many guys do, including myself. As a man, Christian talked about his appreciation for his parents and how it made him proud to be the son of CFNY's (a once iconic station in northern Toronto) first program director, and a friend of Frank Zappa. The man side of him was completely comfortable telling me he cried, sobbed,last year upon

Episode 34 – Christian Pritchard: A British-Canadian-Italian Joyful Chef and Human Being2019-12-17T16:43:26+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 33 – Devora Mason: A Beautiful Citizen of Our World


Devora Mason is regular folk. Not that her way is mundane or even average, quite the opposite. Devora is colorful and fancy. She's one of 7.7 billion people in this world who travel through life  working arduously on growth, try to raise their children to be upstanding citizens and who struggle to make a decent living so she can afford to make thing right for all those she support. That's Devora...with a healthy smidgeon of 'unique'.  Episode 33 is a schmooze with my niece, Devora Mason who is a beautiful and vivacious personality with a beaming smile- a Rosensweig smile.  It became clear to me, after a few years of not really hanging out with her, that Devora has evolved into a wise forty-something woman with cogent thoughts and opinions. 3:12 She has adopted our family's way, and that is to smile and say hello to people, strangers, she meets along the road, something anathema to Israeli culture. So that's Devora! Devora lives in Efrat, a town near Jerusalem. Terrorist attacks are perpetrated regularly along the road outside of Efrat where her children travel to get to school and work. My niece has five children, four boys and a girl - the boys are religious, her daughter is not. 1:17:41 Devora is a single Mom. You can imagine the worry. 1:19:07Devora makes a prayer before making a big decision for her children.  Listen to the interview at 51:44 where Devora talks about her life in the context of

Episode 33 – Devora Mason: A Beautiful Citizen of Our World2019-12-17T16:42:08+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 32 – Doctor Saul Kendal: An 83 Year-Old Dentist, a Friend & a Courageous Man!


Episode 32 features Dr. Saul Kendal, an octogenarian who has been practicing dentistry for fifty-nine years. He's my dentist and when we began the interview on Tuesday, August 13th, I was partially drooling from my mouth as it had been frozen, so Saul could put a crown in my tooth. I love this man and couldn't wait to release the interview to my listeners. Saul was born in Toronto. He was an only child. His parents were Louie and Annie. He was athletic and  played basketball (a guard) for his high-school, Harbord Collegiate. Saul excelled at rebounding because he was a big kid. His Dad, was a barber and told a story of how one day while working in a hospital cutting patients hair, he entered a room and found a man sleeping. He figured, 'okay, I'll cut his hair anyway'. And he did. Upon exiting the room a nurse asked him what he was doing. He resonded 'I was cutting the patients hair while he slept.".  The nurse responded, "he's not sleeping. He's dead!" Oy!!!  Saul loves that story. Me too! 38:00 In this interview, Saul dad was what was called a felsher/barber, a part time 'doctor'/barber. It's an old time thing.  With that in mind, Saul and I schmoozed about a Yiddish folk remedy his dad practiced called bankus (cupping). Louie would heat up glass cups and place on his

Episode 32 – Doctor Saul Kendal: An 83 Year-Old Dentist, a Friend & a Courageous Man!2019-12-17T16:40:56+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 31 – Miriam Borden: A Yiddishist, Third Generation Survivor & A Baker!


Welcome to Episode 31 of Hatradio!  My guest is Miriam Borden, a vivacious person, full of verve and a zest for life. Miriam is Lynda Kraar'sdaughter, whom I schmoozed with on Episode 11. You'll notice the two share a certain melody in their speak and a certain speed to their delivery, generally reserved for those who think a lot. Like mother, like daughter. I so enjoyed this schmooze. It was full of sun! Full of light! And indeed, Miriam is a thinker. She is Ph.d student. Her major is Yiddishand throughout the show we speak about her passion for this medieval, 9th century Jewish language, including some of the quirky, uncomfortable, but to-the-point sayings. Check this one out: in response to the question of 'how are things' --  mi shlukt yiddin (1:03:35), Jews are being attacked (with a little shrug). Interestingly, Miriam laughs a lot and she laughed at this expression. Why? I think it has to do with her deep love for the Jewish people, and Judaism, which she calls "very rich", and an acceptance of our plight in history. Despite the fact Jews have been so persecuted, we've managed to develop an entire culture, a certain intellect and a major spiritual body of work. Miriam gets that! At the 24:50 mark of the show, Miriam responds to the question: 'Why Yiddish?'. She says, "I study Yiddish because it yet another way to inhabitmy Jewishness.  I study Yiddish for exactly the same reason I studied Gemarah (Talmud)....history...and that

Episode 31 – Miriam Borden: A Yiddishist, Third Generation Survivor & A Baker!2019-12-17T16:39:30+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 30 – Irwin Elman: The Man Who Lives to Give Children a Voice!


"A hundred children, a hundred individuals who are people - not people to be, not people of tomorrow, but people now, right now -- today." - Janusz Korczak On Tuesday, July 30th at 5 pm, Irwin Elman and I sat down to have a schmooze on Hatradio! I have always been intrigued by Irwin, the former Provincial (Ontario) Advocate for Children and Youth, because of his self-professed nutty professor character, his passion for Janusz Korczak (director of an orphanage in Warsaw Ghetto, who went to his death with 'his' orphans), and his deeply authentic, and unusually passionate commitment to children and youth of Ontario, especially those on Native Reserves, in group homes and foster care. Throughout out talk, Irwin told stories about his decade as 'the' chief advocate of Canada's most populated province, Ontario. At around the 9:40 minute mark of the show, Irwin, a Jew from Quebec, discussed his visit to Japan to see group-homes which house up to 100 children. A staff member there said to him, "oh, you're Jewish? You must know Janusz Korczak?". Irwin had never heard of Korczak despite having been ensconced in the world of teaching, learning and child care. Immediately he set about learning about this man,considered by Europeans as the

Episode 30 – Irwin Elman: The Man Who Lives to Give Children a Voice!2019-12-17T16:29:15+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 29 – Rachel Mamann: The Superstar Kindergarten Teacher


“True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own." ― Nikos Kazantzakis She lives in a pretty regular neighborhood. It's nice. She's in her mid-forties and is a Moroccan Jew. Her husband, Sasha, is a lovely fellow, an only child, a protector, originally from Serbia. She herself comes from an enormous family who "love hard". Really hard. They loved me hard. She's someones daughter. She's many people's friend and her name is Rachel Mamann. The thing is, she is a superstar kindergarten teacher. That's what I say.  And I do because I've known Rachel for a long time and I've learned how she thinks, how she behaves. She is what we would call, 'out of the box'. I remember how my old, dear friend once had a sick tropical fish and she plopped a Tylenol into the aquarium. The fish got better. I tried that years later. My fish died. Rachel whispers in conversation, to get your attention, but more so to create peace. She comes from loud. She said in this interview, "I always want more friends." And then added that the idea of managing friendships is nonsense because friendships are not to be managed. Like a kindergarten student's own perception of life,

Episode 29 – Rachel Mamann: The Superstar Kindergarten Teacher2019-12-17T16:27:57+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 28 Vac & Danny: The Vomit of Poverty; The Elegance of Survival


Welcome to Episode 28 of Hatradio! . This show is different than the others as I recorded it one on the road, in a low-cost housing environment. I did so I could have the chance to speak to two very charming, humorous and intelligent fellows, deeply impoverished, physically busted and essentially surviving from day to day. Here's what you'll learn throughout the show: The room was small and quickly filled up with smoke. Strangely, after having quit smoking close to thirty years ago, I wanted a cigarette. In my mind, I asked for one. The two men, Vac Verikaitis and Danny Serof are in their sixties. They are well-spoken, highly intelligent, funny as  hell, well-read and engaging. At one point Danny drew upon Greek mythology to make his point about the beauty of horses (and his love of horse-racing). Danny has been homeless on-and-off over the years. Vac got really close prior to securing a room in this building where mental health illness is abound, and curdling nightly screams jolt tenants awake. Throughout our schmooze both my guests drank beer and smoked. Danny has had lung cancer, two strokes and is an alcoholic. Vac has had heart challenges, numerous muscle injuries and recent surgeries and is an alchoholic. But regardless, they imbibed and dragged on smokes while we talked. I'm not standing in judgement

Episode 28 Vac & Danny: The Vomit of Poverty; The Elegance of Survival2019-12-17T15:27:58+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 27 Benjamin Shinewald: A Worldly Winnipeger Destined to be a Forklift Driver


Welcome to Episode 27 of Hatradio! with our guest, Benjamin (Benjy) Shinewald. A question I always ask myself when I write these blurbs is, why did I bring this particular person on Hatradio! I'm not willy-nilly about my choice of guests. Not at all! I am very particular in fact, as I want to interview folks who are articulate and can express their narrative in a cogent fashion. I delight in schmoozing with a man or woman who has a colorful past. And mostly I enjoy nice people who are thoughtful and by definition, inspiring. All of that being said, Benjy was an obvious choice 0as a guest because he is a fine person who is highly inspiring. He has a sweet disposition and from what I know about him through the time we worked together at Ve'ahavta (Benjy is on the board), and when he was the CEO of Canadian Jewish Congress, Benjy has always displayed generosity of spirit - a trait that is paramount to the strengthening of our world. A good example of that, is Benjy's thoughts on his memorial article in the Canadian Jewish News having to do with his Jewish school teacher, the late Mr. Berger. Benjy didn't eulogize the man as if he was a superstar or a hero. Instead he recognized the passion his teacher had for the kids and for learning and

Episode 27 Benjamin Shinewald: A Worldly Winnipeger Destined to be a Forklift Driver2019-12-17T15:26:42+00:00