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Podcast | HatRadio! - Part 3


17 12, 2019

Episode 46 – Rabbi Korobkin Interviews Avrum asking ‘Why did you Leave Orthodox Judaism?’


Welcome to Episode 46 of HatRadio!. I am a rabbinical son who gave up Orthodox Judaism (Frum Judaism) in my early twenties never to return to it. Many people over the years have asked me, 'why'? In this episode, Rabbi Daniel Korobkin of the orthodox BAYT synagogue (https://www.bayt.ca/) of Toronto, conducts an interview with me asking questions about my decision to leave the belief system of my father and mother. Some of the very compelling questions he ask included: What was the price I paid for leaving Frum Judaism; was I sexually abused, something that could have encouraged me to leave the lifestyle I was born into?; Was my father disappointed in me right up until his death?; Did my mother accept my decision? Did my four sisters remain religious? Do I have regrets about my decision? Have a listen to the show. It was challenging for me, but cleansing, and I'm hoping my discussion with this very fascinating Rabbi, who is my friend, will enlighten some and help others who are on a similar path I took. HatRadio! The show that schmoozes. Listen on ITUNES Liste on PODBEAN

Episode 46 – Rabbi Korobkin Interviews Avrum asking ‘Why did you Leave Orthodox Judaism?’2019-12-17T16:59:07+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 45 – The Gigantically Outrageous and Kind Spirit of Entertainer (& tour guide), Jaymz Bee


EPISODE 45 IS DEDICATED TO CHILDREN SOLDIERS AROUND THE WORLD WHO PRAY FOR A CHILDHOOD. HELP THEM! Do a Google search to determine how. Welcome to Episode 45 with the inimitable Jaymz Bee. Man, this is one of those over-the-top shows with a guest who has a potful of energy, and stories galore to tell -- hence the 2 hours and 22-minute time. We just couldn't stop talking. Jaymz had to end the show with a poem he wrote reflecting his thoughts and those of many men, called, 'I Love My Almost Girlfriend' (2:19:06). Jaymz Bee, 56, is an entertainer, a bandleader, writer, radio host on Jazz FM, tour guide,  lover of life...and he is kind. He arrived at the interview two-hours early. I wasn't frantic as I used to get, but my notes weren't ready nor was the equipment. We got it up and going never-the-less. The talk between us ended up evolving into a real hometown schmooze, just two guys hanging out. His earliness was perfect. The show really sizzled. I loved it. So lay back on your Lazy-Girl/Boy, spark up a dube and let Jaymz's world seep into your consciousness. Listen to this colorful man's experience with Dr. Seuss; Tony Bennett (who calls

Episode 45 – The Gigantically Outrageous and Kind Spirit of Entertainer (& tour guide), Jaymz Bee2019-12-17T16:57:54+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 44 – Michael White: A Wise Rock-Star…the Real Deal!


Welcome to HatRadio!, Episode 44 with my special guest, the inimitable spirit, an entertainer, performer, founder of Michael White and the White, original lead singer of Motley Crew, a singer/songwriter, a Dad/family man and a fellow who went through a lot of awful shit when he was a kid - ladies and gentleman, a big hand for Mr. Michael White.   So, on the morning of the show, I stuck my head out my door to see Michael walking down the hall. I like doing that. Sure enough he got off the elevator and headed toward me, his long rock-n-roll hair hanging down and his 6'4" frame sauntering, slowly, as if to be taking in the moment. We greeted and hugged. Old friends. We hadn’t seen each other in a while. Michael was my voice teacher and we used to schmooze for hours in his low lit and warm home studio. But it had been a couple of years. You know how it goes. I always liked Michael because he speaks slowly, methodically and regularly wears a warm, gracious, and childlike smile on his face. He is decent and inspirational. He made me feel good about myself. And I knew I was with a real, authentic rock-star. And I love rock-stars. I've interviewed a few of

Episode 44 – Michael White: A Wise Rock-Star…the Real Deal!2019-12-17T16:56:31+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 43 – Jeff Budd: The Most Splendid of Flowers


Here I sit at my computer thinking about Episode 43 of HatRadio! with my guest, Jeff Budd......a really important show! What to write? How to approach it? After all Jeff went through, as a kid, the stuff we fear the most - sexual abuse from a teacher. So, I'm mulling this over and thinking, ya he did, and we talked a lot about that time in his life, but you know what, like he told me, he doesn't let that define him as a person. And I love that about Jeff because he means it, and you can just see he's worked arduously to make that a reality. So ladies and gent, let me introduce to you Jeff Budd, a beautiful person who speaks candidly about pretty much mostly everything including: coaching hockey in Israel and working with hockey's greatest coach ever, Roger Nielson; standing proudly when Hatikvah, Israel's National anthem was played in Belgrade after his team's victory; working with children in Kitchener ensuring their environment is safe and loving....and a lot more. And folks, meet my dear friend Jeff Budd who is from my hometown, Kitchener and who adored my parents, his Rabbi and Rebbetzin who were his mentors and teachers. Today Jeff is a stalwart leader in the synagogue responsible for many things including taking care of families who have lost a loved one, and participating in the Jewish rituals required to prepare a body for burial. That's Jeff Budd!!! And yes listeners, Jeff's grade 5 teacher sexually abused him. At 35

Episode 43 – Jeff Budd: The Most Splendid of Flowers2019-12-17T16:55:02+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 42 – Guidy Mamann: A Type-A Fellow Pursuing the Impossible


Welcome to Episode 42 of HatRadio! with my guest, the inimitable, Guidy Mamann. The show is sponsored by Gryfe Philanthropic Solutions. To start the showoff, I spent a few minutes speaking about the Jewish people - a sort of 'did you know'. I discussed an outward approach that Jews take to doing good in the world. Beginning the 40 second mark, you'll get some insight into the Jewish community's work with the homeless and around the globe through Ve'ahavta (Ve'ahavta.org), a local non-profit established to encourage all people to play a role in tikun olam - repairing the world. Similarly, you'll be privy to Israel's work in many countries suffering from disasters, regardless of whether they are friendly to the Jewish state or not. Have a listen. Think this through and challenge any stereotypes you might have about Jews. Feel free to ask questions at avrum@hatradio.ca. If you are friends with a person who is type A, you won't be surprised by my buddy, Guidy's Mamann, someone who is uber-effusive and enjoys life to its fullest. The show starts off with a spirited discussion about Guidy's upbringing. We talked about his family's emigration from Morocco to Toronto. Guidy was 3. At the 24:50 mark, listen to the hilarious story of his parent's arrival and their discovery of 'the very different' Ashkenazi synagogue, and frozen chickens instead of live ones. Guidy discovered the challenges of immigration, early on in life, something that served him well

Episode 42 – Guidy Mamann: A Type-A Fellow Pursuing the Impossible2019-12-17T16:54:06+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 41 – HatRadio!….Almost a Year In Review


Episode 41 is HatRadio!'s first year birthday celebration. I love milestones and embracing the opportunity to celebrate an accomplishment. So, this episode is metaphorically the blowing out of 40 candles and expressing gratitude all over the place, for this gift, my freedom to actualize my creativity and share the bounty of HatRadio! with others. Hopefully, you consider this a gift as well. How lucky we are!!! So, episode 41 is 1 hour and 40 minutes of my thoughts on each and every show we've broadcast since day 1. A lot has happened over this time, including: Of course the show was launched. That was a tad daunting as any decent podcast requires good equipment, and an ability to use it. I'm a slow learner, but I sort of figured it out. I worked closely with Howard Pasternack, my post-production guy, on tweaking here and there to ensure a great sounding show. I believe we've mostly achieved clarity and a pleasurable listening experience. Listeners have told me that. Of course, I still have to work on keeping my hands off the table and occasionally hitting the microphone, so Howard doesn't have to clip out some crazy-ass noises. And then there are the shows. 40 of

Episode 41 – HatRadio!….Almost a Year In Review2019-12-17T16:52:59+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 40 – Joseph Pusuma: A Hungarian Roma once in sanctuary in a Toronto Church…today an ordinary, free Canadian!


This is a big one folks, an important show!  Episode 40 of HatRadio! features JOSEPH PUSUMA, a Hungarian Roma, who spent three years in sanctuary, in two different Toronto churches, together with his wife and child, Lulu. They were locked up. They could not leave. They were denied their freedom by Immigration Canada, until they were freed. With that in mind, at the core of this show then, is one courageous man's true and clear appreciation of FREEDOM to go where he wants, and live life the way he determines. It's riveting. In 2009, Joseph was a human rights investigator, travelling throughout Europe documenting terrible abuse levied at his fellow Roma, such as the stabbing death of a 16-year old boy by a cashier in a food store, 'because he didn't like the Roma'. Local neo-Nazis didn't appreciate Joseph's work and decided one day beat the shit out of him and his wife, Timea. Lulu, their toddler, at the time, was saved because Joseph lay across her while the thugs beat him with a bat. A short while later, the Pusumas came to Toronto claiming refugee status. After having experienced hell back in Hungary, they were scammed here by an immigration lawyer, whose shoddy work ensured the Pusumas would be deported. Luck! When does it come, and too whom?  The Pusumas, were offered and accepted sanctuary in two different churches. Their 18-month stay at Windermere Church, through the

Episode 40 – Joseph Pusuma: A Hungarian Roma once in sanctuary in a Toronto Church…today an ordinary, free Canadian!2019-12-17T16:52:01+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 39 – Steve Kowch: A Radio Legend with Heart & Soul


Welcome to Episode 39 of HatRadio! with radio legend, Steve Kowch. Anyone who knows anything about talk radio has heard of Steve Kowch or knows his work. Steve spent close to a half century in media, most of it in radio. He oversaw programming on major stations in Quebec, Ontario and nationally, and the kicker was, he hired Marty Galin and I, to be the Food Guys on CFRB1010, one of the highlights of our lives. Steve was born in Montreal, Quebec. Like many people who evolve into superstars, his childhood was difficult. Steve was bullied at school, a lot. His dad was an alcoholic and his  mom was unhappy and not encouraging of Steve. "My parents taught me what not to be," Steve said. At times his mom would send him to bed without dinner because he was 'a bad boy'. Really there was no food for in the house. "We were poor", Steve stated. The family was on welfare. (55:02 mark) His bed was in the kitchen. One day, 17-year-old Steve answered an ad for an 'office boy' with the Montreal Star newspaper. He sat on a wooden bench, ready to get on-air folk a coffee and do what was ever required in that crazy Quebec media world. His pay? $50 a week, enough to help out at home, and eventually to buy a Bulova watch. Steve was a star even then and his bosses saw that glitter in his eye and willingness to fly. Soon enough, at 18

Episode 39 – Steve Kowch: A Radio Legend with Heart & Soul2019-12-17T16:50:25+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 38 – Shawn Kendal/Shawna Ackerman: Their Dream. A Camp for Teens and Young Adults with Autism


Episode 38 of HatRadio! is a show about a loving couple, two people who built upon their relationship, to the extent that they launched a dream together, this past summer - a camp for children with autism. My guests for this show are Shawn Kendal and Shawna Ackerman - affectionately called 'The Shawns'. I have known Shawn for 30 years and recently interviewed his father, Dr. Saul Kendal on episode 32 of HatRadio!. I only met Shawna prior to the show (although she says we once met), and quickly determined she is a fireball, committed to developing her own soul and those of others. They are a special couple. At mark 14:12 of the show, Shawna said, with tears in her eyes, that Shawn is the man of her dreams.' There is much to say about the Shawns. Like all of personkind, they have had their challenges. Shawn lost two brothers, one to a car accident and the second to illness. Shawna's brother took his own life. Shawn has a daughter, Rachel, 21, who is high on the autistic spectrum. Shawna has two children who are profoundly deaf. But here's the thing, and you'll hear this during the interview. Both of them are incredibly positive about life. While Shawn says he has moments of bitterness about having a daughter who has never uttered a word to him, at the 29:59 mark of the

Episode 38 – Shawn Kendal/Shawna Ackerman: Their Dream. A Camp for Teens and Young Adults with Autism2019-12-17T16:49:10+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 37 – Sharon Hart-Green: The Soul of a Writer


Episode 37 of HatRadio! stars Toronto born novelist, professor of Hebrew literature, Sharon Hart-Green. I didn't know Sharon prior to this interview. We discussed the blank-slate aspect of this schmooze; you know getting to know one another on the run. When doing such interviews, one hopes they’ll like their guest, or at least be interested in them. I was fortunate. I experienced both with Sharon Hart-Green and I had a sense she was okay with me. From our time together, it became clear that reading copious amount of literature and writing books and short stories has turned Sharon into an exuberant, curious person, with an old soul who served tea to her University of Toronto Hebrew-literature students. (Or perhaps it was the other way around. Maybe she was drawn to literature because of those character traits. Hard to say). Regardless, the interview tells a lot about my guest.  At the 4:00 minute mark she defines writing versus painting and drawing and composing music. About the latter she says they are ‘instinctive’, pure art, whereas writing is indeed instinctual, but “when you’re going through the editing process it is highly intellectual, where the scholarly aspect comes in.”  It appears, Sharon sees herself as a person who works both

Episode 37 – Sharon Hart-Green: The Soul of a Writer2019-12-17T16:47:43+00:00