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22 08, 2019

Blog Seven – HatRadio! | How’s My Podcast Going?


So, it’s about ten months since I launched HatRadio! and so far, so good. I have posted thirty-two shows at about 1 ½ hours each. I have also vaguely figured out what I’m doing. I’m deeply proud of my accomplishment and receiving some positive input about the show. But it’s been tough. So, what’s been so hard? Well firstly, I had to learn what a podcast is, how it works, post-production, where to post it, and about the industry in general. Learning about the industry takes a lot of time, patience and concentration. After all there are about 500,000 podcasts out there, some of which are superlative like WTF, others which are middle of the road and still some which are simply not great. To run my own podcast, I needed to get a handle on what others are doing and thereby get a greater grip on my progress. Am I good enough? How are my interviewing skills? Where should I be going with all of this? These are important questions, and much can be determined by reaching higher to achieve the greatness of someone like Joe Rogan, and of course dipping down to give myself confidence. Technically, one is in great shape if

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6 08, 2019

Why do a Podcast on the Impoverished?


Episode 28 Vac & Danny: A Show on The Vomit of Poverty & The Elegance of Survival We live in a time which is the most blessed era in history. There are less wars than ever before, less sickness and lets hunger. Bob Smith, just a guy on Quora.com answered the question: What is the greatest time in history? saying “Right now, and it isn’t even close”. President Barack Obama said in an address to the United Nations: Around the globe, there are signposts of progress... I often tell young people in the United States this is the best time in human history to be born, for you are more likely than ever before to be literate, to be healthy, and to be free to pursue your dreams.” John Haltiwanger, a journalist with elitedaily.com wrote (October 2, 2014), “disease is in decline; a century ago you wouldn’t have lived to see 50. In 1950, global life expectancy was 47. Today, it's closer to 70. Simply put, humans are winning the war against death. We are living longer and more fulfilling lives.” He continued, “People are suffering less and able to spend more time with their loved ones towards the end of their lives.” John

Why do a Podcast on the Impoverished?2019-08-06T18:53:31+00:00
28 06, 2019

The Secrets to Doing a Good Interview | HatRadio! Podcast


I recently read an article which essentially said, “if you’re thinking about starting a podcast, don’t”. The theory was that most podcasts involve interviews and the skill required to do so does not come easy to most people. The thing is, that while the article came across quite negative it actually gave me hope (a difficult thing to come by when launching a podcast because competition is fierce).  It did because I am a decent interviewer and while I have a long road to become a premier interviewer, I have a good starting point. And the thing is, the author was right. The art of interviewing takes a whole lot of practice and requires extraordinary listening skills. I have been interviewing people for articles, tv and radio for close to three decades, so I have had the chance to develop the necessary skills to really hear and follow up with the obvious questions. I think most podcasters are new to the game and learn as they go, i.e. use their new internet stomping ground to figure out how to be a good enough interviewer. Listening to a bunch of podcasts I can sense that the host(s) is often deeply into his own head while

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7 06, 2019

Episode 15: Marty & Avrum, The Radio Days | HatRadio! Podcast


I spent ten years doing radio with my dear friend, Marty Galin. We were co-hosts and producers for a very quirky show called, Marty & Avrum: The Food Guys. The show was not your regular run-of-the-mill restaurant and food show. Not at all. In truth, Marty and I were anything but food aficionados and in the big picture, knew very little about the inner workings of a restaurant, let alone good food and how to make it. So, what did we know? What Marty and I really knew was people. He and I, until this day, love human behavior, especially if it’s funny, and we delight in discovering a compelling story about a person which is moving and happy. Marty often seemed to latch onto the tragic narrative as well. So, doing a podcast together made a lot of sense. After all, the two of us had been like Siamese twins, attached at the mouth, for over a decade through our shows on Toronto stations, CFRB and Talk 640. Similarly, we did a stint on a local music station, CHFI, as well as producing and starring in three television shows. Interviewing Marty Galin on HatRadio! Normally, I conduct an interview on HatRadio! in my

Episode 15: Marty & Avrum, The Radio Days | HatRadio! Podcast2019-06-11T18:10:29+00:00
10 05, 2019

Interviewing the Oldest person I’d Ever Met | HatRadio! Podcast


Thelma lives across the hall from me. She and I are buddies. Thelma is a lovely octogenarian with a cheery disposition and a passion for life that outdoes most. She is involved in a plethora of activities including a daily swim, weekly folk dancing and an annual sojourn to a creative writing camp. On top of all this, my buddy has wanderlust which takes her around the world. So, when Thelma is in town, she and I schmooze regularly about our lives. When she is going out of town Thelma asks me to take in her delivered copies of the Canadian Jewish News and the Toronto Star. Her requests to do so have begun to wane, however, as I am dopey as hell when it comes to such menial tasks and I ended up throwing out her Toronto Star by accident. Don’t know why, but once I read it, I believed it was garbage. One day my dear friend, Thelma told me about her 106-year-old friend, Kitty ‘Leah’ Cohen. They had been friends for many years, and she was going to make a Shabbat-Friday night birthday party for Kitty. Immediately, I asked Thelma if I could stop by the party and meet Kitty. The

Interviewing the Oldest person I’d Ever Met | HatRadio! Podcast2019-05-10T18:40:17+00:00
24 04, 2019

How I Chose my First Interview Guest | HatRadio! Podcast


It was a challenge to determine who my first interview would be. I had to deal with the question of ‘what the show would look like’, my own nervousness, and simply finding someone who could articulate their narrative in a powerful and clear way to ensure that the launch of HatRadio! was successful. I thought about these challenges for a while. Initially, I considered family members thinking -- what better way of being comfortable behind the microphone than with someone I love, trust and know. I new I would eventually interview my sister Chavi who had lost her husband to murder a number of years prior, but felt the issue of murder was not the perfect place to start. Too potentially unsettling. My internal Rolodex continued to flip. How about colleagues who could tell a rockin’ story? I waited for that ‘yes’ moment, when I just knew the person mulling about my mind was right. It did not come. I continued to struggle with this most fundamental of questions. “Perhaps”, I thought, “I’m putting too much pressure on myself. After all, wouldn’t there be many guests to follow? Surely, my success was not predicated on one show.” Listeners are forgiving, aren’t they? As a

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9 04, 2019

Why I Launched the HatRadio! Podcast | Avrum Rosensweig


From 1995-2005, I was a co-host and co-producer on a radio show called ‘Marty & Avrum: The Food Guys’. The show was on Talk 640, CFRB and CHFI for a total of ten years. The experience was awesome. Marty Galin was my partner and together we interviewed well over a thousand guests including chefs, restauranteurs, serving staff, guests and anyone else who might have played a role in eateries, restaurants, hotels, food outlets etc. It was a pleasure and an honor to play a role in this show and to meet some world-renowned folk who joined us, such as Chefs Michael Standlander, Massimo Capra and singer/songwriters such as: Harry Belafonte, Michel Bublé, Jeff Healey and more. It’s About Connecting with the Person on a Meaningful Level The thing was, the show had a bouncing, almost speedy pace to it which did not allow for really intense schmoozing, discussions, something I truly enjoy doing and am passionate about. Marty Galin, who booked the guests would ensure we had two per hour, plus a live musical guest every single week. While we covered a ton of ground and truly got to know the restaurant and food industry, I always felt a certain void, one that eventually

Why I Launched the HatRadio! Podcast | Avrum Rosensweig2019-04-10T17:48:21+00:00