Episode 35 of HatRadio! features Robert Pal, an ADHD Coach as my guest. Robert is generously giving away his online course – taking charge of your ADHD – for FREE, simply for listening to this show. You can secure the course until the end of September and then study it when ever you like. To get the course go to his website – robertpal.com and click ‘online course’ at the top of the homepage.  Once you’ve done that the site will walk you through the rest. At some point you’ll be asked for a coupon number to receive it for free. Input 90219 and you’re ready to go.

Thanks Robert. Good luck to all!


No doubt, you’ve been faced by an overwhelming challenge in life, one you weren’t sure you’d prevail over. Well, Robert Pal was you at the turn of the millennium and he looked fearfinancial destruction, and defeat straight in the eye. It was an iffy time.  In episode 35 of HatRadio! at the 1:00:21 mark, you’ll hear Robert’s story about a substantial jewelry business he had built, which allowed for a beautiful life with his family, and a very decent living. Then one lovely day, Revenue Canada (called that at the time) arrived at his company’s doorstep. They challenged Robert on an archaic statue, and a prolonged 4-year battle with this government body ensued.

You know the day when that phone call comes, or the email arrives, the one you’ve been dreading, or perhaps hoping would pull you out of the muck? Well, Robert got exactly that, and he discovered….he’d lost. This entrepreneur who had always run a clean shop, had no choice but to declare bankruptcy.

What do you do on days like that? Crawl into bed? Worse – consider ending things.  Robert, got into his car, sped along the highway at too high of a speed in disbelief and sadness….and then……images of his two little girls, twins popped into his head. He slowed the Lexus down, went home, picked up his 3-year old’s and offered them a day of their own, wherever they’d like to go. They chose the CNN Tower. Robert had a stark realization of what was really important in life.

Life had changed for Robert Pal, as it does for all of us. Over time this dismal time in his life, what seemed like a defeat, proved to be a victory.  

Listen to Episode 35 of HatRadio! a show about you and me, an hour and a half schmooze about responding to tremendous adversity, standing tall and and committing to LIFE!

At 22:35, listen to a tool Robert shares called the GRATITUDE VISIT. He did so with his cousin Ronny. It’s fascinating and something you may want to do with an individual in your life whose been good to you.

At 41:40, hear my schmooze with Robert about age,as we’re both about to turn 60. He is developing a plan for his 60th decade, where he wants to go, what he wants to do. Again, a compelling idea and positive approach to life.

1:29:00, learn about the FUCK-YOU ALL tool. This motivated Robert. It could do for you too.

Everyone has those awful times in life, the part of our personal narrative that makes us wonder about our very existence. Robert did in the form of bankruptcy, a total change of life, and the need to redefine himself. Out of all of that craziness, this very thoughtful and pensive fellow became an ADHD coach. He decided to help others through his experience. You’ll hear all about his encouraging journey in Episode 35.

Grow through Robert Pal’s life. Identify with his struggle and his win!  Enhance your life and that of your family’s through this marvelously positive schmooze.

HatRadio! The show that schmoozes.

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