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21 02, 2020

Episode 56 – Jeff Woods: The Iconic Kind Smokey-Voiced Rock Radio Legend!


Mae West's voice was epic. Raspy epic. Bob Dylan's voice couldn't be mistaken. Listening to Bob sing is like curling up in his nostril and absorbing his breathes. Then there's Jeff Woods, the kid from Oshawa, one of the most talented Rock & Roll historian, authors, broadcaster and podcasters in the world today with a silky smooth voice - one that swaddles a legendary music narrative heard for the last three decades by rock & rollers everywhere. And I got to interview Jeff on HatRadio! - the man who interviewed David Bowie, R.E.M., Pearl Jam, The Eagles, RUSH, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Ozzy, Santana, Metallica, The Doors, AC/DC, Paul Rodgers, B.T.O., Burton Cummings, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Ringo Starr, Neil Young, George Thorogood, The Band, Steve Earle, Jethro Tull and the Rolling Stone. That's an honor. Jeff is huge. They don't get much bigger in that world. And as big as Jeff Woods is in rock & roll, is as decent, humble and kind as he is up in Collingwood where he lives with his girlfriend whom he adores; as he was in my dining-room commenting graciously, benevolently about my art, my interviewing style, my world; as he is helping newcomers to the very potholed

Episode 56 – Jeff Woods: The Iconic Kind Smokey-Voiced Rock Radio Legend!2020-02-21T15:06:27+00:00
14 02, 2020

Episode 55 – Dr. Gord Arbess: The Story of a Compassionate HIV/AIDS Doc


Dr. Gordon Arbess is my guest on Episode 55 of HatRadio! Gordy is a family doctor with a focus on HIV/AIDs. He is a highly compassionate award-winning doc who talks in length about the struggles of many of his senior AIDS patients, several whom who live on/near the street. Gordy explains his empathy for them and addresses my question of where God might fit into his medical work. Our schmooze is fascinating! In the second half, Gord shares stories about his past participation in humanitarian work in Zimbabwe, through Ve'ahavta, on a life-saving HIV/AIDS mother-to-child regiment which was picked up the World Health Association. He discusses openly his son's courage in dealing with a severe stutter he's had since he was six. Dr. Gord Arbess breathes compassion. It's evident through how he lives his life and the way he and his wife, Sharon, raise their children. It is clear from how Gordy acts on a regular day when the poor and needy come his way. THE HATRADIO! CHALLENGE? Listen to the show and commit to a compassionate action to help someone in need. HatRadio! Just a show about a Jewish guy trying to figure out with friends, what the hell is going on in

Episode 55 – Dr. Gord Arbess: The Story of a Compassionate HIV/AIDS Doc2020-02-14T20:40:34+00:00
10 02, 2020

Episode 54 – Robyn Tousson-Segall: Gratitude Defined


We all try so incredibly hard to construct a meaningful life with love, health and happiness. Robyn Tousson, my guest on HatRadio!, episode 54, personifies that pursuit in a highly successful way. This articulate and compassionate woman, with a soothing voice, is married to a spirited man. They have grappled with their different approaches to a religious lifestyle, but ultimately made it work in a powerful way. The couple shares three beautiful children, who are insightful and empathetic. Robyn is a well-respected yoga teacher with a waiting list. Her classes are thematic, based on love, caring and empathy. She has worked at Ve'ahavta, a Jewish humanitarian organization, for the last 16 years helping the homeless and the impoverished. Mostly, Robyn is full of gratitude for her blessings. A lot of gratitude! That is really what this show is all about - gratitude coming from a very special soul! Have a listen. HatRadio! A show just about a Jewish guy trying like hell, to figure out through others, the human experience.

Episode 54 – Robyn Tousson-Segall: Gratitude Defined2020-02-12T14:42:10+00:00
24 01, 2020

Episode 53 – Brian Prousky: The Spirited, Creative Man Running Jewish Family & Child Service


It's a big deal to be the executive director of the Jewish Family & Child Service (JF&CS) in Toronto. It is because JF&CS is the most important organization in the Jewish community, more important than the kashruth (kosher), cemetery, or the fundraising office. JF&CS has thirty-three programs all of which are crucial toward assisting the most vulnerable in the Jewish community such as those who: suffer from poverty and require funds; have mental health issues; are mourning and feel alone or are going through a high conflict divorce, etc. Now, what sort of person would run a place like that? No doubt, someone who is highly empathetic, has a Jewish soul, is warm, incredibly bright, disciplined, organized, creative, preferably funny, and well respected. That person is my guest on episode 53, and his name is Brian Prousky. Brian is such a compelling guest as he has all of the above character traits and is colorful, animated and high-spirited, with years of experience in the field and as the boss, and gripping stories to tell. Have a listen. Get insight into Brian as a son, father, husband and lover of Dylan. Hear about a man's great empathy for those in need, and wisdom to impart

Episode 53 – Brian Prousky: The Spirited, Creative Man Running Jewish Family & Child Service2020-01-24T19:06:47+00:00
17 01, 2020

Episode 52 – David Matlow: The World’s Biggest Collector of Theodore Herzl Memorabilia


Episode 52 of HatRadio! is with David Matlow, the world's biggest collector of Theodore Herzl memorabilia. Herzl is considered the father of Zionism and the visionary for the State of Israel. The idea that someone is the 'biggest' or 'the best' in pretty much anything, has always blown me away. I've had the honor of interviewing Clive Caldwell who was once seeded #1 in the world, in squash doubles/#2 in singles. Recently, I schmoozed with David Shore, the creator/writer of the shows 'House' and 'The Good Doctor'. They are brilliant and at the top of their game. In essence, these guys have stood a the top of the mountain (although they won't say they have. They are humble) and know they can mostly look no higher. David Matlow is like that. You'll hear it in his voice and how he articulates his narrative and his emulation of Theodore Herzl (David will frequently ask himself, 'what would Theodore do'). David tells a highly compelling story about securing his collection, sharing it, and anti-Semitism then and now. But mostly what you'll learn from episode 52, is how one man's appreciation, gratitude and respect in 2020 of another man from 1900, highlights an important continuum of hope

Episode 52 – David Matlow: The World’s Biggest Collector of Theodore Herzl Memorabilia2020-01-17T17:45:13+00:00
11 01, 2020

Episode 51 – Adi Berkovits: A Son Creates A Musical Honoring his Father, a Survivor of Auschwitz


Episode 51 of Hatradio! is with Adi Berkovits, a son honoring his father, Eduard, through the creation and eventual performance of an original musical - THE JOURNEY HOME. Adi, a musician and songwriter (and the brother of Lou Berkovits, my first guest on HatRadio!) tells us about the deeply inspiring story of his sixteen year old father's trek, with his thirteen year old brother, to find their home in Romania following their liberation from a concentration camp. The musical - a first of its kind - will be performed at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts on March 25th and will include a nine-piece orchestra and three singers. The backdrop will be parts of a Shoah Foundation interview with Eduard. The beauty of episode 51 is that we are privy to Adi's unabashed openness about his own life and the bravery he inherited from Eduard. Adi's tells us about his enormous struggle dealing with a terrible stutter. We hear a private moment in his life, a time when he was too scared to order a medium coffee in a cafe, because he could not get out words that began with 'm'. Over time, Adi knew he had to fix his problem. And

Episode 51 – Adi Berkovits: A Son Creates A Musical Honoring his Father, a Survivor of Auschwitz2020-01-11T23:28:14+00:00
30 12, 2019

Episode 50 – David Shore: Humility within the Creator/Writer of ‘House’ and ‘The Good Doctor’


Welcome to the 50th episode of HatRadio! with special guest, David Shore, the creator/writer of the shows: House and The Good Doctor. We start things off with a 26-minute monologue reviewing highlights of HatRadio!'s first year, as well as some encouragement about strengthening our world, and fighting Antisemitism and racism, through positive and complimentary actions with other individuals. The interview with David Shore is truly fascinating. It is because, David, the greatest TV writer in the world today, speaks in philosophical and meaningful terms about his life and career. He states clearly about writing scripts, "it seems pointless to just entertain" and adds, "I do like to exploring ethical question." His scripts have purpose. He thinks a lot about morality and shares hard questions with the viewer. Have a listen to this highly successful man from London, Ontario. He's very thankful for his success and gifts in life, and it's clear from our schmooze, like many great men, he simply does not see himself as such - true humility. HatRadio! The show that schmoozes. HAPPY NEW YEAR. PEACE IN OUR WORLD. (This show is in memory of Sarah Halimi, a French Jewish woman murdered by a man who won't stand trial because of his

Episode 50 – David Shore: Humility within the Creator/Writer of ‘House’ and ‘The Good Doctor’2019-12-30T13:13:43+00:00
20 12, 2019

Episode 49 – Rabbi Hecht: Helping Thinkers Find a Home!


Welcome to Episode 49 of HatRadio! with our special guest, Rabbi Benjamin Hecht of nishma.org. Benjy is a brilliant Torah scholar, and my brother-in-law. He has helped me and thousands of others with our existential struggles. In a world of 'I'm right, you're wrong and therefore you'll go to hell', Rabbi Hecht's appreciation of a wide spectrum of possibilities - e'lu ve'elu - within a halachic framework’ allowed me and so many others to spiritually breathe. In short, Rabbi Hecht helps thinkers find a home. He believes, “God wants us to think, to grow". Please learn from his personal struggles including that of being a Holocaust Survivors child, and his evolution from "going with the masses" to finding his own voice. If you're annoyed by fundamentalism, and those who make fun of thinking, have a listen. Rabbi Hecht's is a thinking spiritual rock-star! HatRadio! The show that schmoozes. _____________________________________________________________________ Thank you Gary Samuel and Mark Gryfe of Gryfe Philanthropic Services for their sponsorship of HatRadio!. Thank you too, David Nefesh, for the HatRadio! song. Hear David's music at: https://www.reverbnation.com/davidnefesh. Well done to Howard Pasternack on the editing of Episode 49. Howard and Rabbi Hecht are old friends. His work on this show was therefore

Episode 49 – Rabbi Hecht: Helping Thinkers Find a Home!2019-12-20T21:05:00+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 48 – Randall Craig Wrote a Musical from his Hospital Bed. Life! L’chaim!


Randall Craig was diagnosed with the ‘bad’ type of leukemia.  His friends moved a digital piano into his room... and so he started writing a musical - a modern take on the story of Esther. The first song Randall wrote was in his hospital bed right after chemo. His message is, ‘we can all be an Esther’ - courageous with the ability to change the world.  His mind is sharp. He is incredibly excited about life with an inimitable spirit; the type God or man cannot keep down. Listen for the ‘Peanut butter’ story. He wakes up every day and with gusto says, “oh, another great day!”. He can't wait to live it. This is a very sweet and inspiring interview. Have a listen. HatRadio! The show that schmoozes. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you so much to Howard for his post-production work. I'm grateful. He has helped the podcast a lot since its inception and we have such a good time on Thursday nights during post-production. A pat on the back to my buddy, David Nefesh for the HatRadio! song. What better person to ask to write and perform it then David, my friend since we're 8 years old? I'm also appreciative to Stephanie Kazdan for the HatRadio! poster and IrisMedia, in particular, Jimmy for being so supportive of my objective to bring positive podcasting to our world. Thank you folks!! Life is a community. Credit for music in commercial: "Slow

Episode 48 – Randall Craig Wrote a Musical from his Hospital Bed. Life! L’chaim!2019-12-17T19:57:25+00:00
17 12, 2019

Episode 47 – Michael Rubin: A Touching Schmooze with a Soulful Spiritual Director of a Synagogue


We walk through life concentrating on our own stuff. That's inevitable. Then, one day, we see the person next to us, really see them, and realize their life is as significant as ours’s, that an inherent balance exists between us, which translates into equality of all peoples. When I schmoozed with Michael Rubin on Segment 47 of HatRadio! I was able to see that life-parallelism or sorts. Why? Well because Michael - the Spiritual Director at Beth David Synagogue, once a field-educator (tour guide) in Israel and a hockey player and coach for one of Israel's nation team, a dad and husband - talked about these chapters in his life with great humility and modesty, I felt compelled to tuck my ego away and embrace his beautiful spirit. And I did. And he moved me. Listen to Michael talk about visiting Israel for the first time, kneeling on the tarmac and kissing the ground. Hear his insight into the trope (Torah notes), as sounds that reflect significant instances in the 5-books of Moses. Michael loves the dessert and sees no need to meditate there, because it is 'a meditative environment'. My guest is an inspiring man. He is an appreciative man.  Listen and see him, and then perhaps, you'll really see the person walking next to you. HatRadio! The show that schmoozes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you, Gary Samuel, for sponsoring the show and Mark Gryfe of Gryfe Philanthropic Services for doing the same. They are generous

Episode 47 – Michael Rubin: A Touching Schmooze with a Soulful Spiritual Director of a Synagogue2019-12-17T17:00:29+00:00