Avrum Rosensweig is a rabbinical son. He has spent most of his life therefore working to enhance the world and the lives of many in need.

Avrum is the founder of Veahavta, Canada’s only Jewish humanitarian organization (www.veahavta.org) that works in the streets of Toronto with the homeless, and sent medical missions to places like Guyana and Zimbabwe.

Avrum spent over a decade on commercial radio including Toronto’s CFRB and Talk 640 co-producing and co-hosting quirky and delightful food and restaurants shows with Hollywood stars and singers like Michael Buble, prolific chefs, restauranteurs, servers and of course foodies from all over the world.

Combining his talents, Avrum has now created HatRadio!, a positive podcast with guests of all backgrounds who tell their fascinating life stories, share intimate details about groundbreaking aspects of their lives and play music and sing if able. Avrum speaks with 106 year-old Kitty “Leah” Cohen about her passion for playing drums and thoughts on sexuality. He schmoozes with Eli Rubenstein, once an Orthodox Jew and Yeshiva scholar and today a spiritual leader at a humanistic synagogue and the national director of a Holocaust education organization called March of the Living. And Avrum talks with the musician from New Jersey, the cat-rescuer from Toronto and the Moroccan cantor who came to America by himself, at 14 years-old, to sing.

HatrRadio!’s Tagline is “The show that schmoozes”. It is because Avrum’s intention through this new and refreshing podcast is to create an environment that reflects a midnight talk amongst friends around a bonfire where ideas and feelings flow freely and the participants have many honest and often courageous “Uhu” moments.

By doing so HatRadio! sends a message to its listeners about community, love, growth, authenticity and a sense of belonging.

Enjoy the show and feel free to ask questions, offer advice and suggests guests. Thank you for listening. We re grateful!

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Truly Unique – Truly Schmoozing

Experiences From Previous Guests

Eli Rubenstein

It was both a privilege and a pleasure to be interviewed by Avrum on HatRadio!. On the show, Avrum displays his unique gift to keep the interview interesting and fluid, without overly injecting himself into the process. Avrum really lets his interviewees tell their story in their own personal style, while at the same guiding theme to reveal the essence of who they are, and express their profoundest and most deeply held beliefs. Hat Radio's expansive, non rushed and intimate format is an antidote to an age absorbed with superficial tweets and inflammatory sound bites. Hats off to HatRadio!

Lynda Kraar

I felt like a rock star on HatRadio! Avrum explained everything - how it would go, how to sit, how to position myself in front of the microphone, glass of water by my side, etc. He made me feel so comfortable and at home so that we were able to have a relaxed conversation without the distraction of technology (recording equipment, mics, etc).  The questions were penetrating and stimulating. Hahaha....no, seriously!! He divided up the interview into manageable parts that we had discussed in advanced so I arrived well prepared. As we made our way through each segment of the interview, there was still time and energy left to devote to "getting inside my head" so that we were able to talk about my own personal life - many things I don't feel comfortable talking about, one-on-one, yet, I was quite relaxed to discuss my private life with the audience! The timing was great, and many people reached out to tell me how thrilled they were with the interview - a rollicking ride, it turns out! I'd love to come back anytime. 🙂

Gabrielle Klein

I really enjoyed being a guest on Avrums podcast. Avrum is so professional and easy to talk to. His questions are thought provoking and were asked in such a kind and thoughtful way. I was very happy with outcome as I think the interview reflected what I wanted to say and who I am. It was a real treat and a privilege to be on HatRadio!

Karen Goldenberg

I enjoyed the interview very much and felt quite at ease. Avrum is a skillful interviewer and made me feel very comfortable. He indicated I did not need to answer any questions if I preferred not to. He was thoughtful and responsive and his questions allowed me to tell my story with his guidance. His relaxed and professional style made it easy to for me to reflect and we covered a great deal of my life. I thought the interview was very good and was surprised at how well it flowed as felt it captured my essence  It was a special experience and I felt privileged to be a guest on HatRadio!.