A message to its listeners about our dreams and fears, the positivity of our world and the struggles, ambition to grow and our frequent failures and scraped knees, authenticity and our masks, community and isolation and love and sometimes not!

The Person Wearing the Hat

Avrum, creator of HatRadio!, spent over a decade on commercial radio including Toronto’s CFRB and Talk 640 co-producing and co-hosting quirky and delightful food and restaurants shows with Hollywood stars and singers like Michael Buble, prolific chefs, restauranteurs, servers and of course foodies from all over the world. (He is the founder of Ve’ahavata, Canada’s only Jewish humanitarian organization, a writer and a dad.)

Schmoozing Podcasts

HatRadio!’s Tagline is “The show that schmoozes”. Avrum’s intention through this new and refreshing podcast is to create an environment that reflects an (honest and earthy) midnight talk amongst friends around a bonfire where ideas and feelings flow freely and the participants have many honest and often courageous “Uhu” moments. (Avrum is hoping these interviews will reflect positive human behaviour and inspire many to pursue greater goodness and kindness)

“guests of all backgrounds”

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“106 year-old Kitty “Leah” Cohen about her passion for playing drums and thoughts on sexuality.”

“Eli Rubenstein, once an Orthodox Jew and Yeshiva scholar and today a spiritual leader at a humanistic synagogue…”

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She was 106 when I interviewed Kitty . Her full name was Kitty “Leah” Cohen and she practiced Yoga regularly. Kitty played the bongo drums and she said she would have loved to date a good man, and would have gone as low as 60 years-old. I loved that about her.

Kitty Cohen

Bernie Farber is a well known human rights activist, a writer and Jewish leader. He has courageously challenged white supremacists and worked along side Native Canadians.

Bernie Farber

I’ve never met another woman like Lynda Kraar. We’ve been friends for many years, albeit with some hiatuses along the road (similar to that of many good friends), but when we have a reunion of sorts, little has changed.

Lynda Kraar

Aaron Bensoussan was born into a most prestigious Moroccan family with roots going back to Maimonides, a 12th century leading Jewish sage. At the tender age of 14 years old, his parents sent him to New York City to learn, with the possibility of becoming a rabbi.

Aaron Bensoussan

Roz Gelade was eight years old when she and her family moved away from their place of birth, England, to Montreal. The wee little lass suffered terribly from separation anxiety and wanted so badly to be rescued and returned to that place where she felt safe.

Roz Gelade

Karen Goldenberg, a most loving and passionate human being. The title of the show is positivity defined.

Karen Goldenberg

Dr. Gabrielle Klein was born in Toronto, Canada. She is the child of a Holocaust survivor, a man who driven by knowledge and the intention to teach his two daughters as much about our world as possible.  Gabrielle devoured what her father had to teach.

Gabrielle Klein

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